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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336



We combine your ideas and our talent to craft compelling TV shows. If you have an idea worth bringing to screen, we’re the answer to your TV show requirements!

Our expertise lies in:

  • Talk Shows
  • Cooking Shows
  • Event and Game Shows
  • Reality Shows


Breaking through the clutter and monotony is one of the biggest mantras for brands and we match that desire to zap consumers with exciting visual content.

We achieve the following:

  • Filming for brands on hi-tech equipment
  • Product branding
  • Film packaging to generate high product visibility
  • Product enhancement

Corporate and Documentary Films

Designed to inspire, educate and relate to employees from all strata of the organization. We also document the inner workings and outer impact of the organization through our coverage of:

  • Industries
  • Brand Launches
  • Seminars
  • Testimonials
  • Office Functions
  • Training and HR Videos
  • Humanitarian Videos
  • CPR and CSR Videos

Social Media

Online virality is derived from unpredictable emotions – love, excitement, curiosity, awe, fear, happiness, anger and disgust.

We bank on this emotional pulls, delivering quality video packages, amplifying those feelings and connecting audiences with your brand.



We generate a slew of messaging visual content broken down into these two areas

Product shoots: exquisite rendering of your product in visual detail

Public Service Messages: informative and influential messaging designed to educate


Informatics involves knowing your customers well enough to share enough technical information that is easily consumable.
Sometimes, conveying a load of information can seem too preachy and monotonous. Short informatics can help the process through a series of fascinating visuals and hypnotic narrations.


Vlogs are the ideal solution to give consumers an opportunity to see how your product or brand functions in everyday situations.

Got a product that’s all for the fun side of life AND about connecting with people on a zany, personal level? Give us a call!


Light and unmanned vehicles have taken aerial filmmaking to a whole new level. We use the latest drones in filmmaking to enhance your story.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a perfectly executed animation is worth 10,000!

White-board animation, cartoons, infographics, channel idents, graphic promos, 2D and 3D animations – our image manipulation techniques tell stories that will live long in the memory of your viewers.